Sunday 19 February 2012

Bad,bad blogger......

.....and I thought keeping a blog would be fine and dandy & could update every couple of days or wrong was I??
Been keeping busy these last few (ahem) weeks since I last blogged. Regular produce markets we attend have been fairly quiet but the shops we supply have been busier.Not normally this busy early in the year, maybe it's down to the fact we've had a mild winter and people are out and about a bit more....not complaining,mind you.
    Have had time to make a few cakes and have been making 1 or 2 a week since early January. It's something I love doing, creating a unique cake for someone's special occasion that they can't get anywhere else.I can really only do them the beginning of the year as once Easter comes it's food festival silly season and I don't have the time. The cake this week was a 3 tier Toy Story themed one, stood nearly 2 foot high and weighed a ton! (12",10" & 8") But it's one of those big, showy off cakes,just right for a big party...colours lovely and bright & I was very pleased with my 'Rex' on top

   Application forms for food festivals have come in early this year...a lot of them seem to clash,which is a real shame.We'll be doing many of them for the 3rd year running and a couple of newbies!  Really chuffed we've been able to get into Ludlow Spring Festival this year. A few of the festivals organisers like you to apply now and complete paperwork to express an interest...but the thing is, they don't let you know that you've been accepted  for quite a while and in the meantime another  event has been booked in it's place.
   Trade exhibition day at Withybush showground on Tuesday...Ryan will be there, not that we have a lot of spare time to supply another business mind you!  Next weekend is the Get Welsh in Swansea 2 day festival, Sat & Sun....we'll be in Castle Square, find us by the fountain ( Note to self : remember not to drink too much coffee this year ...sound of running water & all that!!)

   Back to cakes, and how is this for a monster wedding cake...apprently it's 17 foot tall weighs 15.032 pounds which is heavier  than 5 Volkswagon beetles and can feed over 59,000 people. Made in Connecticut for an attempt at the Guiness World Record ...had to be American didn't it?!