Thursday 1 March 2012

London here we come.....

Off to London today with my fabulous friend Ruth Waters of  Coco Bean Wales...maker of scrumptious award winning brownies...I say, award winning don'tcha know!! We'll be selling our wares on the Southbank in London as part of the Real Food Festival's St Davids Day celebrations for Wales in London Week.Been baking like the clappers all week to make sure I have enough stock to take...did I forget to mention that hubby is off to beautiful Saundersfoot  harbour this Sat & Sun for the Spring Food you can imagine the cooking that has gone on this week. Have got mini Bara Brith loaves all boxed up and a mountain of the welsh rarebit muffins....amongst lots of  other goodies..

Having never driven through London before, Ruthie is going to drive up and I'll drive us home...can't miss us, we'll be the ones causing chaos on the roads in London tonight, might catch us on the news!!! (hopefully not)
After the rugby result last weekend we'll also be wearing our Welsh jerseys with pride...ok, so Ruth is from Essex but no matter, I've just told her to let me do the talking as I sound Welsh enough for the pair of us. In fact I had a tweet from my friend today saying how great it was that 'Stella' has been such a success on tv and that my chances of being understood when in London have greatly improved..cheek!!

Myself and Ruth plan on working a lot more together in the future and have even come up with the most fantastic dessert combining our talents....more news to follow on that. Check out her website and online shop at .  I can personally recommend the brownies and her own recipe chocolate bars...I'm especially fond of a salted toffee brownie or two.....or three (when it's that sort of day!)

Will be posting pics and reports of the London trip on Twitter as we go through the just got to finish  packing, mustn't forget sweeties for the journey...hmmm...can't go wrong with a Murry mint in my where did I put those daffodils & my flag..../.....??