Tuesday 17 January 2012


Hello & welcome to our blog! The plan is to be able to tell you all about our travels around the country as a small food producer, at various food festivals and events...and what it's like to be a foodie on the move.
I'll be telling you about other food producers we know & meet, putting links to their website for you to read more about the people & the lovely food that's available out there...and some of the best festivals to visit.
  I'll do my very best to put regular posts on here...it's just warming up for the year now but from Spring onwards things get a bit frantic & I'll be playing catchup!

  Apart from that, let's not forget about my love of cooking..anything and everything,all things sweet & savoury, the more varied the better.Always on the hunt for new recipes and ingredients and I really enjoy a good nose through old dusty cookery books to turn up a gem of a recipe!
I love a good natter about cooking and the chance to swap a few tips and recipes, so please,comment away - send any old or unusual recipes you have or discover...family tried and trusted ones are often the best.As I tell people, I'm not a chef, I'm a cook. Feeding family & friends is what makes me..and them.. happy!

If you take a look at our website you'll find a lot of info about our food and where you'll find us.Ryan (hubby) is master of his website,that's his territory..this little blog will be mine and a chance to add a few pics,bits&pieces as we go through the year.....hope you enjoy!  

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